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#bigrlittler For the final question of ritual week, we asked our brothers about how they connect their Ritual to their daily actions! “My Ritual motivates me to provide a helping hand to those in my community that serve to benefit from it. My Ritual inspires me to live a life of kindness, humility, and honor while motivating me to share these with others.” -Derek Tang “Ritual has really given me a way to measure my day-to-day actions. Before Sigma Nu, the general advice was just ‘be a good person.’ After being exposed to our Ritual, I have attainable goals to live by: Sigma Nu’s values. I continually ask myself, ‘Are my actions rooted in Love, Truth, and Honor?’ This mental check helps me assess whether I’m on the right track to bettering myself, my chapter, and my community.” -David Lituchy “Throughout each of my days I make sure to keep the values of Love, Truth and Honor in the back of my mind. For Love and Honor, I try to treat everyone with care, regardless if I know them or not, and if I see someone struggling with something, help them out. Something I’ve learned is even the tiniest tiniest thing can help millions to someone who’s having a rough day and completely turn their day around. Also, whenever some unexpected conflict or argument happens where you’re in the right, letting it go and forgiving them always has the best end result. For Truth, I try to stay truthful in all my relationships and the way I carry myself. I try my best to be true to myself and always act like me and make sure in relationships I do this too, and not change my actions and persona just to appease that person.” -Kieran Aulak

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#greekandproud We asked our brothers what made their chapter special to them… they had a lot to say! “To me, Sigma Nu is a group of people who share the same values as I do and who I know I can count on for anything I need. When I first joined Sigma Nu I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into, but steadily but surely I found my home within the chapter. Being in Sigma Nu means having a friend in every class, having a group of people who I can talk to about anything, and family that I can always rely on.” -Prince Ghosh “It is the alacrity that my brothers bring to any and every task. It is the novelty that every interaction shows. Though we are a large group of vastly different brothers there are foundational currents of love that bind us. My brothers bring such compassion and dedication not only to their every day lives in classes and in clubs but tenfold to each other. It is the immense commitment brothers show to loving and helping one another become better people. “As is”, is simply not good enough. It is the dedication to a life of honor, to honor ourselves and each other that makes Sigma Nu special to me. ” -Alex Gordon “To me, our chapter is a juxtaposition of awesome guys with very unique interests and a common theme: passion. I am still blown away by the support that I receive from my brothers. I couldn’t have found a more accepting, loving, or inspiring brotherhood.” -Adrian Hattan “The unwavering quality of the brothers is what makes my chapter special to me. This is possibly the last organization that I will ever be a part of in which every member has the potential to be a lifelong friend, which speaks to its value. I joined greek life kind of on a whim, and am fortunate enough to say that it has been one of my best experiences at Case.” -Jeremy Chai “I love the sense of community and brotherhood that we share, specifically in the house. It’s just always a good feeling to walk downstairs into a room with 10 friends.” -Weslee Trillow “Having a super supportive network of loving and trusting brothers that are literally always there for me. Also, a pretty much endless source of love and cuddles.” -Mark Kaminski “The people in it and the people they surround themselves with. The diverse interests that are shared and help me grow as a person. The willingness of brothers to go out of their way to help each other when in need. And all the late hours spent just sitting around talking about whatever is on people’s mind.” -Drew Zapor

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#greekforlife Why have you stayed greek? What has it brought to your undergraduate career? “I’ve stayed Greek for many reasons, but I would almost rather talk about why I’ve stayed very involved and invested in all of Greek Life and the many opportunities it offers. Being involved in Greek Life at varying levels has been one of the only experiences I’ve had in my undergraduate career that I feel truly impacted and developed my character, even without me initially realizing it. By getting involved in Sigma Nu, whose values I really resonate with, I’ve found opportunity after opportunity and learning experience after learning experience. Ultimately, by being Greek and staying involved, I’ve grown so much. I’ve grown way more than I could grow when I first arrived on campus almost 4 years ago. Through my interactions with other chapters and by becoming friends with other Greeks, I’ve always found chances to challenge myself to understand new perspectives. And none of these experiences take away from the fact that I’ve just had an absolute blast during my whole undergrad career hanging with my brothers, continuously making friends, and never failing to learn something everyday along the way. I wouldn’t change it for the world!” -Jeff Sagerer “I am so happy with my involvement with Sigma Nu because I love getting to know my brothers in a context unlike any other. I’m always so impressed by the men we recruit and what they bring to the chapter. I had a lot of good friends before I rushed, but being able to connect with them through our ritual, brotherhood, and values has deepened my connections with some of the best guys I know. I’ve met so many actives and alumni that have changed my life and become my best friends, and look forward to staying connected to our future candidates.” -Andrew Moore

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#whyijoined We asked our brothers what inspired them to join greek life! “Meeting such open, caring, and confident brothers when I first got on campus inspired me to go Greek.” -Austin Feydt “I had rushed fall semester and didn’t really feel like greek life was for me. But I specifically remember struggling through MATLAB because I had never programmed before, and a few of my friends who had joined Sigma Nu said, “Hey, let’s go to the house. There are people who know this stuff, and they’ll help us out.” So we ventured over to the house and sat down in the dining room and started working. Every time we got stuck, someone was there to ask for help. They took time out of their day to help us out, even though they had no connection to me personally. I wanted to be a part of this community; this support network that I would not have found outside of greek life.” -George Enwia “Honestly, I didn’t want to join Greek life because of the horror stories I heard at high school about how bad it was. Then I went to Greek carnival and met Sigma Nu, and it honestly felt like family. I didn’t feel like they followed the stereotype. I went with my gut, and I was right about everyone. The brothers in this chapter are what makes me keep going, and I’ve never been exposed to as much or learned more about myself. I love my brothers because they are a home away from home, and I can always count on them even when I don’t expect it.” -Andrew Cai

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Monday night was the annual Giortaste Greek Life Awards Celebration! We are proud to have earned excellence, the highest level of recognition in the Pytte Cup, for the pillars of Leadership, Citizenship, and Ritual. We also received distinction in Scholarship. Two of our brothers were recognized with individual awards: Will Oldham, Lasting Legacy Adrian Hattan, Outstanding New Member And our Senior members of the Order of Omega were also recognized: Andrew Moore and Jeff Sagerer Congratulations to all of the CWRU Greek community for their incredible accomplishments!

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Photos from Sigma Nu at CWRU's post

Our candidates did a purrfect job volunteering at Tails from the City today!

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Photos from Sigma Nu at CWRU's post

Here are some pictures from our Variety Show performance on Friday!

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Photos from Sigma Nu at CWRU's post

Second place in Greek Week 2017! Here are some photos from before Pyramid.

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We placed 2nd in Raft Race this afternoon! Greek Week continues…

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CWRU Greek Week 2017 - Dr.Seuss "How the Grinch Stole Greek Week"

We took first place in Greek Sing last night! We couldn’t be more proud of our brothers and their immense talents. Congratulations to all of the fraternities and sororities for their excellent performances! Greek Week continues…

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