Family Tree

Click image to view PDF. Generated using snutree.

As part of the candidacy process, each new member of our chapter chooses his big brother. It is a big brother’s duty to serve as a mentor in the fraternity during and after his little brother’s candidacy. The relationship between each “big” and “little” is unique, and can extend well beyond the little’s education in Sigma Nu’s values and ritual.

We call the tree shown here our “Family Tree.” It is a visual representation of these relationships as each big gets littles, “grand-littles” and so on. The big–little system did not begin immediately; it started and restarted multiple times beginning in 1923. The current system dates to 1947, and the family tree includes pledge classes as far back as 1950. Every brother initiated after Spring 1973 is on this tree.

Although we have worked hard to ensure the accuracy of the tree, if you are an alumnus or active brother who has found an error, please contact us.