How to Join

Recruitment at CWRU

Fraternity recruitment at CWRU occurs in three parts:

  • First Two Weeks of Class. Unaffiliated men may attend recruitment events run by different fraternities on campus, allowing these potential new members (PNMs) to meet brothers and their chapters.
  • Third Week of Class. On Monday, fraternities extend invitations to selected PNMs to join called bids. If you receive a bid, brothers will not initiate contact with you until Wednesday. This gives you the freedom to make your decision without pressure. On Wednesday, you can choose to officially accept your bid.
  • After Bid Acceptance. From here on, each fraternity has a different program for PNMs who accept their bids, now called candidates.

Our Process

Our chapter offers some important distinctions in the joining process.

2008.09 Cafe Sigma Nu DSC03025

Presenting at Café Sigma Nu.

You may be invited to one of our final recruitment events, Café Sigma Nu—a longstanding tradition in our chapter. Here, we lay out all the technical aspects of joining: From the exact cost of Sigma Nu, to the GPA requirements involved, to our new member education program. You can ask questions at any event, but Café Sigma Nu is often a convenient time. An invitation to Café Sigma Nu does not guarantee a bid.

Our bids are voted on by unanimous approval. If you receive a bid, you will know that every member of the chapter welcomes you warmly and wholeheartedly into our fraternity.

Moreover, a Sigma Nu bid is good for your entire undergraduate career, unlike those of many other fraternities. You may choose to take advantage of this and delay your decision for a semester or more. In fact, some of our current brothers have done so. With that said, the benefits of Greek Life and of being a Sigma Nu do not begin until after joining.

Should you wish to accept your bid to Sigma Nu, you can officially do so on the Wednesday following bid extensions at our traditional Bid Acceptance Dinner.


We hold our Candidate Ceremony within days of bid acceptance. Here, individuals who accepted their bids formally become candidates. This is your the first step to becoming a full member. Candidates will progress through our new member education program, LEAD (Leadership, Ethics, Achievement, Development) Phase I. As an added perk, all candidates and first-year brothers may eat house food without charge. This encourages new members to eat at the house and mingle with their future brothers.

Candidates working on their candidate class project.

In the middle of the semester, we hold our Brotherhood Retreat during which you will receive your big brother, who will serve as a mentor throughout your membership in Sigma Nu. Added benefits at this point include effectively complete voting rights, and the ability to run for office. At the end of LEAD Phase I—the end of the semester—you will go through Knighting Ceremony, our initiation. At this point, you will be a full member with all of the rights, privileges, and knowledge of every Sigma Nu before you.

This graduated process should ease the wary minds of you and your parents. Candidates are under no obligation—and are offered no promise—that they become full members. This time period is a way for you to get more familiar with the chapter, while allowing for either party to easily drop out of the relationship without too many hard feelings.

And Beyond

Our membership development does not end there. As a full brother, you will complete LEAD Phase II, a program primarily concerned with the qualities of leadership, within two semesters of initiation. Phases III and IV will continue your development as you become an upperclassman.